I wonder why there have been many griffers/griefers near spawn

I read some of the griffing reports and I wondered why there have been a lot of instances of griffing near spawn. It confuses me. Why would someone want to ruin the structures around the spawn?? they’re SO INTERESTING.

Same thing happens on the server I am Super Admin on. People love to think that FreeOP servers are the means to a complete and total anarchy. This is an erroneous, redundant, and ridiculous statement. I know this sounds a lot like an oxymoron, but many FreeOP servers are like anarchy servers with rules. We have a lot of permissions you wouldn’t get on servers like Hypixel, but we are not like servers that give out free permissions to do anything you want. Anyway, to answer your question, many of the griefers like to kamikaze and grief right where they know they will be banned. They are essentially suicide bombing, hurting others when they know that they will be hurt too. I don’t understand why though, as when you get banned you get rolled back.
Hope I answered your question effectively,

I understand, thank you.