I want to be moderator

Why would you like to be a moderator?

I want to be helper on big server likes hypixel but everyone has to start somewhere And i mean i find the good start.

What’s the first thing you’d do as a moderator?

i will ask everybody if they need any help, start baning griffers And try to build Fun event for everyvone like parkour, PVP, yes to no.

How long have you been playing on the server?

from 10.4.2020 but in this short time i mean i am little bit improve server comunity and i am who start with city


My tag on discord is: 5515


You didn’t read the application rules, and haven’t followed the template. Because of this I have to say no.

Edit: lack of detail

@Havran I’m confused by your post. Would you like this application to remain open?

I don’t understand.

What you dnot understand. i want to be moderator on this good server And i see in othet application questions And i write it here and answer on the questions what you dont understand ???

I just wanted to make sure you wanted to keep your application open and I didn’t understand your response at first. Thanks for clarifying.

Yes i want to keep my application open


There are multiple issues with this application. First, I would like to note that you do seem persistent and you want to help the server. However, there are certain things you need to fix up on. For example, you spent very little time on creating it- or at least it seems. The questions are not detailed and the grammar is poor. The sentences are not structured in a readable manner, which makes it hard to understand. Second, the discord you provided is invalid. You only included the discord discriminator, forgetting the actual username. Lastly, you do not meet certain requirements in place. One of the requirements is to have at least ten hours of playtime. You currently have less than six.

Without spending more time on the server and having fixed the issues above, I have to object to this application. Good luck on your journey, I hope in time and experience you reach your goal.

Sorry for grammar but i am from czech republic and i am not good in english i am very sorry.

Ok i will write when i am on this server more than 10 hours

But my tag on discord is good and name is:


Thank you for your time

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Thanks for your interest in applying. I’ll close this but I won’t set a date after which you can re-apply. Feel free to submit an application when you’re ready.