I want to appeal a ban

So, I got banned because of anti-Semitism.
One admin was anti-Semitic and banned me and my friend.


I’m pretty sure Mosley was the one who banned you. I’m sorry but I really can’t do anything you’ll have to take this down with Mosley.

What “Okay”???
There’s racism on your server

Well there’s plenty of that on other servers and people can’t really do anything about it, so if you’re trying to say we can do something about the racism on our server, we can’t. We can’t control people to not do it, no matter what we do there will always be racism. The least we can do is mute and ban people.

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You can make better rules, ban and mute people.
Anyways, can you unban me? Or ask to unban me?
It’s the story when I saw the Swastika and we started arguing and he banned me and my friend, I think you remember this event.

Read the categories of the posts, please. If you wish to appeal a ban, make a thread in the support category.