I need advice.. again

The server I am Super Admin on is riddled with players begging for staff. The staff list got reset by accident, so when I got added, the chat went to this:
Please help me before I go insane…
P.S. I am Connor.

is that the real BigeCZ

I think so.

noob them if they keep going?

They just came back and were like, “How rude pls staff”

has it been resolved?

Nope! Still begging.

does mute block messages too? i can’t remember

it really depends on what mod the server is using, no?

Mute blocks for five minutes…

yeah but idk what mod it is

well im at a loss

I fail to see what you actually need help with here… is something wrong with the chat’s formatting? Or are you just trying to deal with people asking for staff? It’s helpful to actually ask a question when looking for advice. :stuck_out_tongue:

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People are begging for staff… I mute them and then they ask for staff after they get unmuted automatically.

We use regular TotalFreedomMod. We added a few ranks like moderator and helper, though. Here is a breakdown of all the ranks if it rings a bell, as well as what commands you get from getting promoted to that rank. I also added a brief description.
Helper - Mute, kick, /bcmd, /smite, /say, and access to /say.
Moderator - /gtfo
Administrator(We changed the name from Super Admin to this. This is also my rank. The tag and color stay the same from super admin to administrator though :slight_smile: ) /expel, limited /saconfig, and suspend mods and helpers.
Telnet Admin - Suspend below. Access to telnet.
Senior Admin - Suspend below, access to /doom.
Executive - Panel, suspend anyone below.
Owner - Panel, Suspend anyone below.

do what you see fit

Have you edited the mute command code? Maybe you fucked up some of the functionality of it in doing so?

It is not my server, thanks for the help though. I will let ArrestedMan(the owner) know.

Respectfully @x_Quicklyy, this is the server forum for the UnraveledMC community. It’s really not for moderation or development support of another server. I’m sure a lot of the other staff on your server are capable enough to help you with some of these issues.

This has been handled with a permanent ban(how did it even come to this?) thank you. I just like how some of the moderators handle stuff here, so I thought I could get some tips on this as many of the moderators seem capable of offering advice to others, which has been proven here.