How Has UMC Been Lately? (Please Read the Whole thing for it to make sense)


Most of you know who I am
As you might have noticed I have stoped playing on UMC for a while now as I have gotten into other servers and School has been back for me now,

I would love to return to the server but when ever I do its always some random who never talks to me,

Ive been popping by to see if anyone of the people I remember from months ago are still playing and to see if my warp is still their that I made is still their.

I have been wanting to come back into the community for a while now but just have never felt like I can because I have not seen anyone online.

I also mainly took a break because if u didn’t know I thought that all the staff hated me and I still don’t know if they do or not please let me know.

But I have come to miss the First server that I joined on my Minecraft account.

The amazing times we all had in that Cake Room (if anyone remembers that. RIP cake room)

I Am Coming Back to the community and I hope that you all don’t mind that.

I would love to help out and have a good time like before I left.

And for any staff wondering This is not a Application for staff.

Hope Too See you all Soon :slight_smile:

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We’re glad you’re coming back to the community. I still play, but I currently don’t have access to a computer that I can play minecraft (with decent fps anyway). But I will see ya soon and If you were going to apply for staff, I think that the title to this would be “Mod Application - Pumpkin_Pro” and not under “General”.

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haha yes welcome back umc is dead at the moment so thats something

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oh so thats why no one is online RIP

The server is having some changes, so the player base will be back sooner or later.

we need more events desperatly

i dont think staff hate you. you are a pretty nice person, so i dont see why anybody would hate you. if you think the staff hate you, its probably just them joking around. hope to see you on the server again soon!

Welcome back, it’s nice to see you again