Hi, my name is Alice
@CodexTheMolester is my Boyfriend :>

Hey and yeah she’s my girlfriend :>

Dear God

Hey don’t take the lord’s name in vain
bad shwimp >:C

dude youre like what 12

not true

then how old

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im not actually that comfortable saying my age online sorry

but i mean you did get suspended from the kute awmy so yeah.

but since Alice is the girlfriend of the kute awmy leader, she’s automatically leader alongside me uwu

wait when did i get suspended from the kute awmy

remember? me and @xalicex will decide if youre eligible to rejoin uwu

foine i reinstate u


whale cum back to thee kute awmy
we shall have a witual saying “fuck you” to @Kieran because she diswespect ouw weligion >:(

“whale cum” da fauq

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fok u @Kieran kiewan is mean gurl >:( make codex upset when diswespect kute awmy. smh.
kiewan is dick!

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lol wtf

Ignore this, Alice, we have a little meme/rank called the Kute Wank.

We currently have a petition to change its name to the UwU rank.