Hello hello hello


im anish (or anishh).

i am fairly new to the server, but i am beginning to start to know the community quite well.

i live in london, and i am 14! i am currently studying a variety of subjects, but my favourites are spanish and english.

in my free time, i enjoy listening to music (wallows is my favourite band!), watching netflix or, since quite recently, playing minecraft (i used to play religiously, but education got the better of me :/).

anyways, thanks for reading this and i hope i can speak to you on the server or on the forums!

  • anish
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he signed up. i didn’t even ask him. this is epic.

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@serrif i’ll delete my account and wait for you to ask me <3

that would not be epic do not do that

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don’t worry i won’t cause i’ve already spent time customising my profile!!

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clearly not you dont even have a background image :frowning:

and neither do you so where do we go on from here :flushed:

mine wouldn’t upload it was too big :sob:

wait i’ll upload one x

problem: i don’t know what to upload

I could make you a background image. I made one for myself before some non-epic human hacked my JSJS606 account. I got a new account named Raizel_, but it is so painstaking to make one I don’t want to anymore rofl. You seem like a very nice guy. I will make one for you if you want.

Welcome to the forum <3

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welcome to the forum!!! <3


hey no its fine. i’d rather not put you through the stress haha. thank you for the offer though!

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No no if you want, I can! No worries about me stressing. I have a lot of stress anyway that basically turned me into elastic :stuck_out_tongue:

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its fine haha :slight_smile: i think i’ll end up keeping it to the default one anyway, but thank you so much!