Global conduct policy and moderation outline

These rules were last updated on March 27th.

This post outlines the basic rules of this server and how staff members should generally handle the people who break these rules. Foremost, this is not a legal document nor are staff members bound to punish players in strict accordance with these rules. Members of staff are left to their own devices and judgement when it comes to deciding the optimal sentence for somebody who has broken one of these rules.

Moderators are permitted the ability to punish players who break rational social guidelines or commit “loopholes” of this policy in accordance with their own judgement. Repeated actions or extreme offenses can merit a more servere punishment.

Category one offenses: warnings
These offenses should generally result in being warned by a moderator alongside the modification of one’s building (or creation) if applicable to the rule that was broken.

  • Advertising other gameservers. Don’t create discussions or make posts which promote other gameservers or detail how to join their community. Suitable communities for non-gameservers and player-made communities are exempt from this rule in moderation.

  • Being a troll. Tricking other players or attempting to confuse them is not allowed. Applications and seemingly serious posts which turn out to be comical are generally confusing and should not be posted in the inappropriate category.

  • Disrespectful behavior. Be kind to everyone and respect their political or religious opinions (regardless of how you feel about them) unless they are advocating for illegal or immoral actions (in which case they may be reported to a moderator).

  • Unsuitable content. Buildings, discussions, or topics which address “controversial” matters that aren’t in the spirit of this community are discouraged. Content designed to provoke members or undermine the previous rule (to respect their opinions) is disallowed.

  • Spamming. Pasting the same build over and over again or spamming in chat or even spamming on the forum is disallowed. Spam content will be removed on sight with or without warning.

Category two offenses: temporary bans
These offenses should generally result in receiving a stern warning or being temporarily banned by a moderator alongside any standards set by the last category. “Temporary” bans can span from five to twenty-four hours depending on the offense.

  • Minor or first-time griefing. Destroying other people’s content is strictly forbidden and will result in a temporary ban if committed the first time around. Harsher punishments may ensue for repeated griefers or those who to wreak havoc. Do not modify other people’s builds without their permission.

  • Shock content. Linking or creating pornography, gore, or calls to violence is strictly against the rules and will result in the immediate removal of that content alongside your removal from the platform.

  • Plagiarism. Stealing other people’s builds, posts, or original ideas is both unethical and against the spirit of this community. We can use logs to check for the original creator of anything in question.

  • Transactions. Using the platform to exchange, gamble, or sell goods and services is not allowed unless such an action has been approved by the staff.

  • Necro-bumping. Posting on a discussion that’s more than four months old both decreases the general quality of conversations but can be annoying to those who participated in that original discussion. Posts like these will be taken down.

  • Power-posting. Posting irrelevant or incomprehensible messages to increase your post count or for other indecipherable reasons swerves this forum off the topic of the server and is not allowed.

Category three offenses: permanent bans
These offenses should generally result in an extended temporary ban (for several days) or a permanent ban which will not expire unless appealed on this platform. Permanent bans may be exacted by senior moderators or higher and can be revoked under circumstance.

  • Defacement of the platform. Attempts to deface, harm, or exploit this community’s platforms can be permanently harmful and thus would result in being permanently banned from this place.

  • Account phishing. Scamming or hacking users out of their accounts using exploitations of verification servers or just plain trickery will result in a permanent ban and being possibly reported to the authorities depending on the severity and the outcome of such actions.