Funeral for Pragolas as an executive

Unfortunately, our buddy Pragolas(serrif)has resigned from the staff team.
I feel we should give Pragolas a good farewell from the staff team. You don’t have to, but please respond below with something good. It can be something in retrospect, anything(nice of course).
I’ll start.

Buddy Pragolas,
I remember the first time I saw you respond to my introduction. It was fun to talk to you about John Oliver and other things. I will miss seeing you like my posts. Those were good times we will never have back, but those memories are never fully gone. They will live on in a place much nicer - our hearts. You have won the server’s love. We support your decision and we hope you do well wherever life takes you.


@serrif, i remember the first time we met. i messaged you enquiring about a staff role on a previous server. you were so nice, so caring. throughout the years, we had shared many joyful moments through listening to songs together, arguing about whos country is better and comparing our education systems. i will miss you so much :_( (that is a tear because i am crying because i miss you)

  • anish
    (my heart is aching so much pls come back i miss u)

Let’s get an h in the chat for @serrif.

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Uh huh…this is supposed to be formal, but okay.

@serrif, thank you very much for just being here as executive.
-SpruceTheGoose (Mason)

It’s always sad to see a contributing member of our team go. He’s always welcome back to his previously-held position should he wish to return. :slight_smile:

Although he treated me as if I was some handicapped girl in a wheelchair, I’m glad I got to work with him. He’s a cool guy, and I hope he comes back.


so officially we are deciding that you are not handicapped? @GraceC3013


I cracked up at this one😂!
Yes, I’m going to hell for laughing at this post.