Funeral for all inactive/resigning staff members.

Unfortunately, we have some staff members who have resigned/decided to go inactive.
I realize that many of the inactive/resigning ones may not see this, but I decided to make this anyway.

Buddy Serrif,
Hey there dude! I heard you decided to resign. I know that all we want to do is mourn over you leaving the staff team, but I know that you wouldn’t want this for the server and you’d want it to be peaceful and calm after you decided to resign. I wish we could go back in time where all we did was reply to each other on the forums about John Oliver and UMC. I remember I couldn’t stop commenting on moderator-only threads and you couldn’t stop deleting my posts :joy:. Anyway, those will live on in our hearts, the best place to store anything. I know you had faith in me being a moderator and I’ve lent you a great deal of embarrassment, but I promise to change my ways and fulfill the promise I have made to you the day you accepted me as a moderator.

I remember you still, I haven’t forgotten you. I remember when I was nervous to apply for staff and you would spend a bunch of time in your DMs trying to comfort me and telling me that everything’s going to go okay. I remember roleplaying with you ingame and messing around in the prison you built(good work on that by the way), but like I said with Serrif, these will only live on in our hearts. I want you to know that I wish nothing but the best on both of you, including the rest of the playerbase here at UMC.

I know I never even got to see you ingame, but I really like the way we would spend hours on end helping each other out on the forums. I really liked how you responded to my posts in the nicest way, and even when you should’ve yelled at me, you didn’t, and that’s what I respect you for buddy. I really want you to return buddy, so we can go ingame and just have fun.

I remember talking about chess with you and generally being friends with each other. I really enjoyed talking with you, in the short time we had together, and I hope you can do well where life takes you. You’re awesome, and I know you will succeed wherever life takes you.

I haven’t really gotten to talk to you much, my friend, but I really wanted to say thanks for helping me out a lot. When there was a griefer, you went out of your way to add me to the staff list so I could take care of him. That was the nicest thing beyond words, but again, like I have said, I know that you must go now and I want you to know that you will always be the best staff member in my eyes.

All five of you leaving have left a huge impact on me, but I know you’ll be successful wherever life shall take you.

Any of you can join in on this, just reply to this post with something nice. Anything nice you want to get off your chest to these five fine men, now’s the time to do it.
Signing off,
Edit: Actually, you know what? I will do one for all of the staff members that I know well enough to do, sorry if I left you out.

First off before I begin this, I would like to apologize for what I did the first week of my suspension. Spamming you and pissing you off in general was not the way to go about it. Anyway, I liked talking with you and having fun in general. You were one of the best staff members I could’ve asked for and even when I deserved to be blocked, you didn’t and kindly explained where I was wrong. You were so tolerant and nice to me, I can’t even begin to state the reasons you deserve to be an executive here.

I know I pissed you off earlier with that statement I have said ingame, altering your mute when I have no authority to, so I wish to say I’m sorry for what I have done in the past. You’ve been an excellent person, a real nice guy to me. On my application where anyone would’ve said -1, I haven’t seen you, you said +1 judging by my personality. For that, I say thanks. I know you’ll do excellent as an executive.

Oh like hell I’m going to forget one of the best staff members there is :wink:! Anyway, you’ve been an excellent friend to me, you’ve taught me a lot that I could’ve never learned on my own. Without you, so many things I can’t even say on the top of my head wouldn’t be possible. You have taught me how to administrate and stuff. You are super forgiving, even when I really don’t deserve to be forgiven. Overall, you’re the best friend I could ever ask for.

For reals, signing off-

wtf im not included in this post (Neither is shrimp)


Chill out I don’t type as fast as you do :joy:

There we go.

I’m not executive lol, but thanks! I try include everyone and try make all feel welcome :slight_smile:

No no, I am saying that you deserve to be one. Your mannerisms deem you fit of such a position is what I’m saying.

aye yo F

Oh wait shit I forgot Zephix

: ( ight bro

No no Imma make yours right now you’re the nicest you’re my Zephix

Sup bro! I know I let you down during my staff application, but I want to take this moment to explain what a good friend you’ve been to me. Anyone at this point would tell them to stop calling you this name, but you’re so nice as to let me call you it. You’ve helped me ingame countless times, and when I was scared of applying in DMs, you comforted me and helped me understand I would be perfectly okay when I decided to apply for the position. Your awesome actions to me are indescribable with mere words.
I hope and know you’ll do well whichever journey you decide to embark on.

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I appreciate that, I feel the same for you as well :’)

Hugs Zephix

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