Don't ban Victinitran

He will hack you.

From a white hat hacker’s perspective who codes day in day out,
You are missing key points of info needed to say, hack us.
I’ll list them here.

  1. MAC address/internal computer IP(Impossible to get)
  2. IP addresses(Also impossible to get since advertising is bannable here)
    Are you trying to say you will perform a denial of service attack against us? If you are, two definitive things will happen.
  3. You will be issued a permanent ban, as threatening to hack either or all of UMC outlets is permbannable.
  4. We are legally obliged to take legal action if our server, or one of the members of the community, get hacked.
    So unless you want these two, it would be in your best interest to take this post down and deal your time and/or appeal your punishment. Hacking isn’t the answer, even from the perspective of someone who codes for a living. But what can I say, I am not you and/or a person of authority. So it’s your choice, bud. Take it down and avoid punishment from a higher-up, or don’t and suffer the consequences to come.

You have been banned for grief about 4 times. Its time to put an end to this.


That’s right Luky, but I am really curious at what was going through this guy’s mind when griefing, getting unbanned, griefing again, and then getting banned 4 times. Even then, if I was him, not to put anyone over each other, I would be humble about it and not openly say that ‘I would hack you’ or something along those lines. Awe, how sad that you got banned, but honestly, I would say that you gotta know that what you did was wrong. You don’t just grief several times and expect to stay on the server. It’s not that the builds getting broken hurts us. Here’s a few reasons on why it is highly frowned upon.

  1. The very morals behind it. You wouldn’t take a test and scribble on someone else’s, get kicked out of that testing room, take the test next year, do it again, get kicked out, do it AGAIN, get kicked out, and then do it AGAIN only to be kicked out once more. If you were the test director, would you keep letting this happen? Yes, you can probably erase the pencil marks, but you would probably get tired of this happening every year and end up just banning him from the testing facility. Depending on the state you live in, you may even have your tests invalidated. Yes, we try not to erase your tests, but we try to wipe you from the system and we may accidentally erase your test score. Same here on this server. If you built a build, and then started griefing, your grief would go away. That is, with the possibility of your builds vanishing into thin air too. Yes, we try not to erase your builds, but CoreProtect doesn’t let us choose what we want to erase. We can only erase with the time, as well as the radius, which we always choose global to erase any other griefs you may have made. At the end of the day, it’s your builds that are vanishing. It works the same here on UnraveledMC.
  2. Wasting precious seconds. While you were griefing, someone could be in cahoots with some abusive staff member(not saying that any of you would do this, just giving a brief scenario, but yeah) and trying to get them to give them their login info for panel. Next thing we know, after the server gets reloaded, boom! No files whatsoever. Now, this could’ve been prevented if you did not grief several times.
  3. What’s there to say that you wouldn’t, say, get hold of panel and ban everyone on the server? We actually had something like this happen to our server in the past, but the player showed no signs of being generally abusive. He gave himself executive, and started banning everyone who joined for a simple advertising scheme.
  4. It makes many soft-hearted players leave. Contrary to what you possibly believe, many people don’t take their hour-spent builds being griefed that nicely. Yes, there are players who would be like “aye yo tf lol please stahp” and all that stuff. But, there are some players that after getting their builds griefed, would leave the server knowing that this isn’t a safe place to build their builds. We generally don’t like to give new players that idea, so that they know that staff is there and will take care of them under any circumstances.

If I were you, I’d deal some time off the server, think about what I did, make an unban appeal, and then wait. If it gets denied, okay. If it gets accepted, good for you. Then, never grief again. Never. Even on accident. Tread the waters with caution, as you’re already walking on thin ice. Good luck on your rehabilitation journey.

Hopefully this changed your train of thought and ideas on griefing, but I’m not you nor do I have some form of position of authority on this server, so what’s there for me to say?