Davinator111 and Eyemites

What did they do?
Tell us why this person should be punished (banned).


Provide any evidence or logs.
Ensure the person you’re accusing can be justified by providing evidence. Any evidence provided should prove beyond a reasonable doubt the user was responsible and should reaffirm this report.

Provide applicable coordinates.
Please use /whereami so staff can locate where the issue is.


What is your username and unique identifier?
A unique identifier (UUID) is a string of characters which identifies your account and doesn’t ever change. You can get this information from a website like NameMC and just paste it here.


There is a reason why future requests may be denied, so I will go ahead and stem it right now by stating what you are doing wrong.

  • We already have a report to the same guy, so please don’t double post to make your post more noticeable.
    Thanks, we will be sure to take care of this.

Users have been perm banned.

Disregard x_quickly’s comments on your information as to where the grief took place.
Spawn and “in the city” are clear indicators as to where the grief took place.

Thank you for your report.