Cookies and security

I want to know what kind of cookies you guys are useing and how safe this website is

Edit:has it ever been breached

This website is not safe and I have breached it over 20 times. Next I am going to breach your front door and kill you. Any other questions?


Um I ment breached by non mods
Oh and when you break in to my house can you take your shoes off because my mom does not want dirty shoes in the house

I think the kids went to bed

You’re like one of “those guys” in R6S(Rainbow 6 Siege).
You literally have no clue what side you’re on and just kill everyone in the game.
Including your teammates.
Are you wanting to protect your kids, or are you on the attacking team?
You’re literally attacking and wanting to protect your kids at the same time.
Just like R6S, killing the other team. As well as your teammates.

As for this,

We use chocolate chip. Occasionally sugar cookies.
We sell your information to Discourse and we have been breached by Chuck Norris 69 times.
Chuck Norris wants his cookies back, and he’s not asking nicely.

So the admins are trolls

Pretty much.

…Why would you need to know this? We already said we didn’t need your supposed help with the websites.

Lol hfhgb gg h

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I just want to know what information you know and how secure that information is