Change my name to CodexTheDuplex please

Please, I’ll change my pfp if I have to. As well as my bio.

damn i wish i could but only admins and up can moderate on the forums

Well that’s that.

your name is good enough

No it’s not.

It is, in my opinion.

Your opinion is irrelevant.
Change my fucking name, please.
Or I’ll have to get @xalicex involved.

Get her involved, it’s just a name on a forum page and it’s close enough to your actual name my dude. Also NoHax’s point isn’t irrelevant it’s relevant for the simple fact he’s an admin.

Tell me. How is a biological term have any relation to one who rubs/touches the dick and/or pussy of small children, which one, I’m straight, and two, just no.

The person you have tried to reach can’t answer that, please press 1 to be ringed to another person.

I could just text her, but okay.

Bro it’s a fucking forum page, tell her to beat my ass, pfft tell her to bring her ass to Georgia I’ll beat her ass the Georgian way.

Now shut up I’m listening to a lit lyric video

She’d win in a fuckin heartbeat lmao ngl

Alright, we’ll have to see. Also that lyric video looks like shit

You look like shit

Also stop changing your pfp like every 5 seconds

Sounds good, I’d much rather be shit than be something else lmao

I’m also experimenting

I keep thinking someone else is replying.