Cannot reinstate?

I am not trying to reinstate so early, but I normally work on applications about a month or so in advance so I have ample time to check out what I will be working with when I hit the ‘Create Topic’ button. I like to envision what the application should look like two weeks or so in advance. However, I cannot do this as the ‘new topic’ button is grayed out, as well as my cursor turning to a naught symbol when I hover over the button. If I cannot plan out my application, that’s fine. I just like to make new edits everyday so I feel confident hitting that ‘Create Topic’ button. This is also kind of creeping me out because this likely means that I cannot apply, even when I feel like I have waited a sufficient amount of time and I am prepared to regain moderator status and continue assisting this server in these times where we need gaming more than ever.
If I cannot work in advance such as before, that’s fine. Even if I cannot submit another application again, that’s perfectly okay with me too.
-x_Quicklyy(Former UnraveledMC moderator)


Thanks serrif.
However, I need a bit of explanation on how reapplication day will go. On your thread, you previously stated that it would be a lot more lenient than any other application process from any said person who has never gained moderator status. In what ways would it be lenient? Just asking out of curiosity, nothing more.

In the case of a reinstatement that was an inactivity removal, see aggelosQQ - Admin application and TheHour - Moderator Application Reinstate specifically, these applications are very lenient. There’s very little debate over whether or not the member should come back since inactivity removals are uncontroversial.

However I cannot guarantee the same for a suspension, since we’ve never had one before. I think in general the reinstatement application is a lower bar to clear since there are no requirements you must meet before submitting, and there are significantly fewer questions. I can’t guarantee anything since your reinstatement application, as I imagine would be the case with most suspension reinstatements, will probably be voted on at some length.

So basically as long as my net vote is a +1, I am okay?
I assume that Executives carry more power though.

We don’t actually have a weighting system because most of our applications tend to be unanimous approvals or denials.

I might work on that.

Okay, so as long as I have a +1 net vote I am okay?

Again like I said the decision to approve you will (obviously) be easy to make if an overwhelming majority wants you to return.

What I’m saying is I don’t believe such a unanimous vote will occur, and there very likely could be a split.

I don’t believe that the scale would be tipped one way or the other either.
Thanks for helping me understand this serrif,
x_Quicklyy(Former UnraveledMC Moderator)