Bigbrainmundos Mod app

Why would you like to be a moderator?
I’d like to be able to help the players. I’d also like to make sure the rules are being followed and that everyone is having a-lot of fun and are not confused. I like the concept of free op as well.

What’s the first thing you’d do as a moderator?
The first thing i would do is ask how all the plugins work and also get to know the staff more.
I would also try and be on 3-7 hours a day.
How long have you been playing on the server?
I have been playing for about a month.
What is your username and unique identifier?
Bigbrainmundo 4a69c0ce-a2ae-4f60-88b4-fc937d68f5ac

Do you have any social media?
Esofourm Whyamihere
Twitter @spifeyisgod (i have notifications off for twitter)


This application was way better than the last one, but sadly I’ll have to put a -1 on this one. You seem like a nice person, but based on how you act in-game your not mature enough for the role. You also just started getting active again, after me not seeing you on for quite sometime. I would like to see you improve on your activity, as I have been and I hope you have a good day. Good luck with the rest of the staff team.


-1, reasons above

I am not allowed to vote but I think it should be known that @Vampire0808 was editing a build without the author’s permission on the server today. This is explicitly against the rules.


Considering what @serrif has said, you don’t seem mature enough. You have edited a build without permission which is one, against the rules and two, shows you don’t really care for others. You also don’t have a discord, which is our current way of contacting people. The questions are not in bold which makes it extremely hard to read.

-1 see above

@Vampire0808, your application has been denied. As the staff have said they are concerned with your inactivity and character. I would suggest re-visiting this before applying again. You may apply again on 2020-05-29T04:00:00Z.