ban apple

Hello my IGN is JackPack2018 I would like to be un-ban from the server. Did I get banned for lying to staff? Apparently even though they didn’t even give me enough time to even answer cause I had to do something in IRL I was going to say no that it was not in fact my build. Griefing, I got banned from replacing some blocks and undoing it cause they asked if this was my build so I was going to go on my way and build something on my own. I didn’t know that the rules on this server were so strict otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. So if you could please unban me it would be appreciated.

Thank you,

This isn’t the proper place for this. Use

ban apple? I like it :smiley:

Steve Jobs: Visible Fear please don’t ban me or my team from this great server :fearful:

I dont even know how to put it were it in the actions folder

I’ve decided to take the initiative to assist you with this.
So you know how when you make a new topic, you get a bunch of options? You need to put all of this in the actions > requests folder.
Also, please follow the template.