Ban appeals should not be available for bans <=24 hours.

I suggest, in order to reduce the work of the appeals team, making all bans not more than 24 hours non appealable. Instead, people should be able to report the staff member’s actions after the ban is ended. We should create a separate form where people can challenge a staff member’s actions only if they feel that they are innocent. As an alternative, we should only allow appeals of bans not more than 24 hours in length only if the punishment was faulty, ie, if the person was innocent. In addition we (the server), should make the punishment policy, specifying the general amount of time that a ban should last, although staff members can deviate from that, but in that case, the punishment can be appealed if the time is more than the standard.

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We really don’t need a release of tension here compromising anything. We’re staff members, it’s what we have to do. Yes, releases from stress are always good, but anything that compromises how the server works isn’t always optimal.

Regardless, -1 to this suggestion.

+1. This is a really good idea. But reporting a staff member’s actions is not included within the appeal if I am correct, instead, it is a different section.

Here is a sample of the idea I have in mind. Note that the punishments and offenses may be different.
Keep the simple rules in place, but create a list of punishments like this that apply to everyone. The staff members may increase or decrease the punishments from the scale, but all deviations must be appealable.
Abuse - Bugs & Exploits
7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban | 30 Day Ban
Using bugs, exploiting the server, creating lag machines, or anything else malicious that can fall into this category.

Abuse - Commands
1 Day Ban | 3 Day Ban | 7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban | 30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban
Misusing commands such as /god, /fly, etc. is disallowed and will be punished for in all circumstances.

Advertising - IP
Permanent Ban
Saying an IP for another server. This rule is very simple, you will be punished for this in all chats.

Ban Evasion
Permanent Ban
Using alternate accounts to come online while you are banned on another account. Your alt will not be banned if the other account banned is banned for Inappropriate Content - Username or Ban Evasion.

Disrespect - Discrimination
3 Day Ban | 30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban
Any attempts at discriminating against somebody, regardless of any reasons, will be met with an instant ban. (server) is dedicated to making the server an enjoyable experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, etc.

Disrespect - Threats
30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban
DDOS/DOS/DOX threats, or threatening to harm a player or their friends or relatives is strictly against the rules. You will be banned for breaking this rule, regardless of whether it was a joke or not.

Encouraging Harm
7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban | 30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban
Encouraging someone to harm themselves or another person. This includes encouraging suicidal behaviour or any other destructive behaviour to themselves, somebody else, or the server.

7 Day Ban | 14 Day Ban | 30 Day Ban | Permanent Ban
Stealing or destroying builds or items other players have created or obtained. This is not bannable on OPFactions and Factions due to the fact that raiding is a massive part of the gamemode.

I would be willing to write the ban/punishment schedule if you want me to.
Also, another idea I had was that if someone appealed a ban without suffcient grounds (wrongful punishment for a ban less than 24 hours only, appeals are permitted for all other punishments for all other reasons) then the ban would be doubled. The same rule would apply to evasion- the punishment would be doubled.

Here is one I created for Unraveled MC.
Griefing- Warn and/or Jail or ban for maximum of 1 hr | 1d ban | 1d ban | 1d ban with message "Last warning. Next griefing offense will get you permbanned.
Ads- Warn and/or mute/ban for maximum of 1 hr | 1d ban | 1d ban | 1d ban with Last warning message
Lag machines- Warning and/or 24 hr ban | 7d ban | 30d ban | permban

I kind of like that idea. However, I don’t believe people need 4 chances of for say Griefing to be perm banned. I believe it should be a shorter time, but I like your idea. Thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the time you took to put together these suggestions.

In my time as a staff member on this revival of UMC, I have not noticed high enough volume of day ban appeals to justify doing away with them. I speak firstly for myself but I can also say that no staff member is perfect. Should a mistake happen while banning players, the wrongfully banned player should be able to appeal at the earliest convenience so they may get right back to playing.

We already have the above-mentioned form.
An appeal is a direct challenge of a staff member’s actions as the point is to have the decision reversed.
“[Appeals] is where you can request an appeal of moderator actions, and make general requests which involve how players are handled.” Appeals are not exclusive to bans. A player or staff member could challenge any actions of staff through this form.

As far as punishments times go, it has been something we’ve been working on. That being said, we trust our staff members to make the best call based on the severity of the offense.

Again, thank you so much for your time and efforts towards improving the server’s function. We will for sure take these into consideration.