ban appeal

This is a template for the ban appeal thread, answer all questions fully and honestly - failure to abide by this will lower your chances of your appeal being accepted. Replace all example answers with your own information.

What is your in-game username?

Where were you banned?

What is your unique identifier?
You can find this information by looking up your username on
What is your Discord username?
ƧTX Advertising#1253 (the s is backwards)
Why were you punished?
Griefing count less times
Why should you be unbanned?
I loved the server and my mine craft is shared by my little brother and that brat did some griefing witch I have done before but he got me banned. I remember one day wanting to come on the server and saw I was banned forever and just found out he got me banned.

Is there any evidence that needs to be attached?

You can link your evidence on an imgur album, or just copypaste the images directly into this template.

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You’ve waited out your ban for over 2 months, so I have decided to approve this appeal. Be warned, if you grief again, you will be re-permbanned with a near zero chance of appeal.

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