Architect Application - Gloomer

What is your in-game username?

What is your unique identifier?

What is your Discord username?

What is your timezone?
Pacific Standard Time

What is the link to your last application (if any)?

Can you provide a link to your building portfolio?

Can you provide a link to an account on PlanetMinecraft or Minecraft Forum?

Do you have any applicable experience on a build team?

What building style(s) are you most comfortable with?
I am most comfortable building in modern and medieval styles.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Is there anyone who can verify the originality of your creations?

I think the hill terraforming project needs some work, but these look solid. +1

+1 in agreement with serrif

+1 Impressive.

+1 I think you are a good builder. A lot of your builds show that you have a good sense of block combinations and shape when it comes to building. One thing I would like you to work on in some of your builds is depth. This is one of the things which I struggled with when I started building but once you start to understand better it gets easier every project :). You definitely have a lot of potential!

Having seen your builds around the server for quite some time, I almost just added you to architect without need for an application. These are impressive builds.

@Gloomer, your application has been approved.

Most of the reasoning is provided above. Congratulations on being made an Architect.