Architect Application - FuriousBird

What is your in-game username?

What is your unique identifier?

What is your Discord username?

What is your timezone?
Paris France

What is the link to your last application (if any)?

Can you provide a link to your building portfolio?

Can you provide a link to an account on PlanetMinecraft or Minecraft Forum?

Do you have any applicable experience on a build team?
no but i build with friends a lot

What building style(s) are you most comfortable with?
interiors i’m pretty good with and i like medieval style, but i can do modern too

Is there anything you’d like to add?
I have built a lot of things on the server, i’ve been here since the 23 of march 2020.
I know a lot about the game and i’m also pretty good with redstone, i made the redstone for the sumo arena a long time ago and i like cake.

Is there anyone who can verify the originality of your creations?

+1 pogchamp builds

Amazing builds. Nothing much else to say.

Love the build he made, also can say the originality of them.

Congratulations, FuriousBird! Your application for architect is being marked as approved; your builds definitely have character and you are nothing short of qualified.