Appreciation for staff

When I join another free-op server that I am super admin on, many of the players start saying:
“Oh fuck! It is a staff! We should leave now!”
As I should, I go and check on them for any suspicious activity. Some of them are not doing anything bad, but just generally hate staff members. If any of you who said that read this, I want you to know that staff members do not only punish rulebreakers and call it a day. Some of us are pretty laid back and give all we can. We don’t let it show, but it breaks our heart to hear you say something that derogatory to someone who is responsible for you being there. Without an admin, the whole server/network falls apart. Admins toil away hours at the server, always coming down to sacrifices. So please, I am down on my hands and knees begging, please appreciate an admin for toiling away hours to keep the server fun and safe today. Doesn’t have to be on the server I am staff on, appreciate a staff member on any server. Go to your local police station and praise them if you have to! It doesn’t cost anything to say “thank you for your service.” :slight_smile:
With that being said, thank you for everything, UMC staff :wink:

very smart man


I want to thank you a lot, as without you the server gets pretty boring. Thanks for keeping things interesting :wink: