Application Havran123- Moderator

Hello first time I got denied but I didn’t get a time limit for how long I can try it again
and now after a week I’ll try again

Why would you like to be a moderator ?

I want to be a moderator on this server because I want to help this good server and improve it as much as I can.
I want to learn the basic things of moderator/helper here so i can then try to be helper on big servres like hypixel

What’s the first thing you’d do as a moderator ?

as a moderator, I would find out who is with me in team. on the server I would ask if no one needs help with anything.
I would start looking for griffers and i will try to build a fun event for all like: Parkour,PvP,Yes or no event

How long have you been playing on the server ?

I play on server from 10.4.2020 and i spent more than 10 hours on it

What is your username and unique identifier ?

My In-game Name is Havran123 and my UUID is d14ebe3c-2096-4845-8975-ac69fae6d647

Do you have any social media

I have discord Tag: 5515 and Name: havran

Thank you for taking the time to read my application


You made a good application and you sound like a good person. I’ve looked at my fellow staff members reasons and they seem to say that you haven’t been active. That’s a problem, too. It can easily be assessed though. Sorry about the last -1, but I didn’t know and got confused. I sincerely apologize. Good luck either way.

i did not get that limit quote pragolas coment: Thanks for your interest in applying. I´ll close this but I won´t set and date after which you can re-apply. Feel free to submit an application when you’re ready.

Applicants may reply to answer any questions or clarify concerns.


Your initial application was denied due to a lack of activity. In the time since your last application, efforts to improve activity have been less than apparent. Being an active member of the server is essential to one’s success as a moderator.

-1 See above

I’m going to add this here in addition to the direct message you sent me. Messaging a member of staff in regards to their -1 is not an appropriate course of action.

In the question of your activity, you claim to be on every day. Your play time reflects that of acceptable levels of in game play however activity is not just based of play time it is equally based off player and staff interaction. The above admins agree that you lack the activity to become a successful staff member.

It is not your place to directly question members of staff in regards to their views.


I have interacted with you maybe once or twice but haven’t really seen who you are as a player and how you can grow. I think more time on the server would be beneficial

@Havran, your application has been denied. @bobscog has done most of the explanation for me, I suggest you review his and the rest of the team’s feedback that they’ve given you. You may apply again on 2020-05-29T04:00:00Z.