Anyone wanna help?


So I have a secret base on the map (i will not say where it is), and I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me make it look nice! My name is Lukyplex. So if you want to help, just tell me.



Not so secret anymore.

Do /warp Diorite and you will see 4 purple beacons.
Thats it.
Btw I have been greifed before. It sucks. Please dont greif!

I would be happy to help if you need!
Also, If you ever experience grief, don’t fix it. Report it on the forums or tell staff in game and we will make sure they will be punished correctly. However, if you fix it, it’s harder for us to repair it exactly and find out who done it.

I would love to help you out, sounds like a very nice and promising opportunity! :wink:

Thank you! It will be appreciated!