Anishh - Staff Application

Why would you like to be a moderator?

I’d like to be a moderator as I have personally played on many servers throughout my time on Minecraft, but Unraveled is one that stands out within them. I do believe that I can help new but also experienced players within the community, and help them feel welcome and included in the Unraveled community. Being new on a server where everyone seems to know each other can look extremely daunting, but I strive to make new players feel involved in the ever-growing community. I do believe that my kind, but caring attitude can make me an approachable person and that I am very helpful, even in stressful circumstances.

What’s the first thing you’d do as a moderator?

I would first begin to network with the players on the server and try to get to know them better, as the players are the heart of our community. The staff give an impression of the server to new players, so I believe that this is an important thing. I would also start to build a relationship with all members of staff as I will be working with them even closer than before, and start to help out the players if anything is wrong by understanding what is happening beforehand, then taking action if needed. While doing those, I’d also familiarise myself with the plugins used and the commands needed to control them, as not every server is the same in regards to those.

How long have you been playing on the server?

Around a month give or take, though I have only started becoming more active recently.

What is your username and unique identifier?

My username is Anishh and my UUID is 93d6bdbc-0ede-4d4b-af43-e31d5333a7b6.

Do you have any social media?

My Discord is Narainus#0029.

-1, I think the application is well constructed and sensible to understand, but from my perspective, I just have not seen you on much at all. If you boost your server activity, I think you have some good qualities here. Good luck!

A fantastic application. Unfortunately, as Aaron has pointed out, I haven’t see to much activity from you.
I see you in game from time to time, but i don’t see a lot of engagement.

For the above mentioned,


I’m going to stay neutral for this one. Purely because your application is great however, I believe that you need to increase your activity as stated above.

Edit: I haven’t seen you online for a very long time and like @Itzdlg stated, you don’t meet the requirements.


I agree with everyone else, the activity will definitely be a problem on the staff team. Anyways, overall you made a good application and are what we are looking for. Good luck either way.


The applicant has not been on in over three days, and they do not meet the 10 hour playtime requirement.

@anish, your application has been denied.

While you show promising knowledge of this server’s functions and would sufficiently moderate, your inactivity is discouraging and we’re looking for people who can display frequent playtime.

Feel free to apply once again in a calendar month.