aggelosQQ - Admin application

What is your username and unique identifier?
A unique identifier (UUID) is a string of characters which identifies your account and doesn’t ever change. You can get this information from a website like [NameMC] and just paste it here.

Do you have any social media?
This is where you should provide your DiscordTag (if you have one, but as a moderator you will eventually need one) and other social media that’s relevant to your online presence.
aggelosQQ#7499 is the Discord.

The remainder of these questions only applies to staff members filing for their former rank.

What was your rank prior to when you left the server?
Well technically a senior?

Why were you removed from your role?
Please specify if you requested to go inactive or that your rank was removed during an activity check by the Executive staff.
Server shutdown

After your application is ready, feel free to submit it. Do not post your application to the “accepted” or “denied” categories as those are for applications that have been judged.

After discussing the terms of reinstatement with this applicant, they’ll be assigned to the developer position (and thus senior moderator) and I will move this application to approved. :slight_smile: