Add a recommendation for applications

It would be nice if we could have a system where people could recommend you for a staff That would also solve our ‘excessive staff’ problem if this becomes a requirement. Also, we should likely pick someone new to accept/deny applications.

Please elaborate on the “problem” described

Serrif said that we constantly get put on hold due to too many applicants applying at the same time. Maybe this will thin out the amount?

We’ve been accepting moderators at a pretty fast rate in my opinion. I don’t see the reason to make it go faster. The reason for the hold is allowing more staff members to see and respond to the application. In fact, the longer it goes out the more vouches there are.

Okay. Thank you for the helpful information!

I’m not opposed to recommendations personally, but I think they’re just dead weight to bother with since the people with an impressive recommendation list are probably on track to be approved anyway.

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