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Upgraded vps!

Hello, the vps we have been currently using has recently stopped meeting our standards. So we've upgraded to a scaleway dedi! The new server has a total ram capacity of 15GB. The server has been allocated a total of 7GB leaving us with 8GB to use. It also has 8 cores and has a stronger cpu then the last vps. However the disk space only increased by 3GB and hopefully with enough donations we will be able to upgrade it significantly.
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Posted by CreeperSeth

Votes have been re-enabled!

Votes help UnraveledMC grow more and is also a way to support its development and the staff running it.
You will receive 8 coins, that you can spend by purchasing perks from /shop!
Additionally, /shop items' prices have been decreased by half!
Vote for Us!

Posted by aggelosQQ